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Looking forward to engaging and discussing how you can apply these catalyst insights to differentiate your enterprise 5G strategy.

--- Now a little about the catalyst itself ---

5G is designed to provide guaranteed end to end wireless access services. This is projected to see higher growth in the enterprise vs. consumer services as companies choose 5G for more mission critical communications.

So, what do enterprises want?

They want to be able to easily configure / monitor / manage & monetize such services in a cost-effective manner.

They also want to be able to combine and control this connectivity together with their private enterprise data and applications to create compelling propositions to their own customers.

So how can CSPs best enable this for enterprises?

This Catalyst builds on the previous Aviator Catalyst which addressed the potential for 5G adoption in the aviation industry, explores how CSPs can offer enterprises a compelling and differentiated 5G proposition of connectivity and control of such services based on the enterprise's business priority or intent without the need to understand all the technical details of the service itself.

Using aviation as our target industry, we explore two key scenarios in which an airport can change the behaviour of the 5G connectivity by manually or automatically adjusting the parameters of a business policy

  • the first scenario considers how an airport, using a combination of flight, airline and passenger information, might reward the loyalty of delayed VIP customers or passengers by explicitly adjusting and enhancing their communications experience with for example, additional download capacity
  • the second scenario illustrates how an airport might monitor and automatically rebalance the 5G connectivity supporting revenue generating airport services versus that supporting internal operations in order to optimize airport revenues and profitability

As a result of this catalyst work, the team is looking to make JIRA contributions that will propose a new Open API for such policy management and propagation that builds on previous industry work in this space.