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These companies currently have access to the the Autonomous networks hyper loops for disruptive digital services - Phase III Catalyst. Would you like the following company to keep you updated about their products and services by electronic means?
Beyond by BearingPoint
Chunghwa Telecom Company LTD
Cognizant Technology Solutions
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.
NTT Group
Telecom Italia Group
UBIqube Solutions
Verizon Communications

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AI , Data & Insights , Autonomous Operations , Beyond Connectivity

With Covid19 having impacted business and daily life in so many ways, just imagine the new “Disruptive” Services that will emerge – services that will be completely autonomous, designed for a zero touch & zero-fault operations, autoscaling based on experience expectations. … Let’s envisage how AN can help create this new normal for the hybrid environment of On-site and On-premise.

Telecoms industry and Vertical Industries to focus on both ”Business Growth” & “Operational Efficiency” providing agile business and support models to maintain or enforce  resiliency to unforeseen crisis (e.g., Covid-19) and get new revenue even during tough periods

To address the need of the digital services overcoming the crisis, service providers need to realize Autonomous ICT services with autonomous digital enabling services while simultaneously solving the challenges of cross-domain/cross-vertical and hybrid networks for innovative new services.

This project continues ANHL (Autonomous Networks Hyperloop) to support various Smart-X services (e.g. smart city, smart agriculture, smart education, …) for enabling vertical industry digital transformation.

In this phase the Smart-X service for a Tourist experience is picked for now. A tourist, visiting a place (either in real or virtual), needs a seamless experience based on their preferences.

Smart Tourism/ Stadium is scoped as a key entry point for AN services at Digital Marketplace. This includes both global experiences as citizen on-site and remote vision of matches from on-premise as a part of citizen journey through on-demand AN (including ZTO, CL & Business Intent).

In previous phases, the following assets are accumulated.

Phase1 : Within Smart City sub-verticals, Smart Education was selected to validate AN Project vision and architecture.  High-level solution architecture was studied and deployed with Closed-loops and Self-X operating capabilities through Intent-based interaction and eTOM mapping

Phase2: Smart Agriculture was targeted to investigate E2E Self-X capabilities for ZTO combining with Intent KPIs for both physical and digital applications /services. Self-Assuring aims at zero impact to services extended to Farmer and optimizing TCO for Service Provider through autonomous predictive/ preventive Self-optimizing and Self-healing networks as per Budget Cap defined by Farmer.