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What is the main problem you have identified:

Silent Global Roamers are those who opt either to minimize or discontinue their use of mobile services while abroad, generally due to fear of "bill shock." They resort to cheaper alternatives such as a local prepaid SIM, VoWiFi, hotel Wi-Fi, etc. Today, CSPs have limited reporting on customers who register to the network but don't generate billable revenue. CSPs don't know how many customers travel and don't turn on their phones while abroad, resulting in revenue loss.

Technical Challenges:
i) Access to customer data (except subscribers who have provided approval), Regulatory compliance / Intercarrier roaming agreements, and subscriber sharing details
ii) Real-time communication with silent roamers

Who is affected most by this problem and why does it matter to them:

CSP Product Managers, Sales, CSPs, OEMs -
1. Enabling New Revenue Streams for the CSPs
2. Offering as a new feature along with base product

How will this project team solve the challenge or problem:

Our proposed approach will identify and capture "Silent Roamers" and "Partially Silent Roamers" inferentially. A daily report of such silent global roamers will be provided to Marketing and Network teams, who can subsequently use this list to build better attractive marketing campaigns and work with regulatory compliance bodies/service providers for enhanced roaming gateway capabilities and alternate mechanisms (SIM SWAP, Virtual SIM, etc.)