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IT Transformation

In the national marketing process of China Unicom's 31 provincial branches(OPCOs), most of the marketing systems have problems such as scattered marketing organizations, unclear marketing objectives, incomplete application scenarios, and weak marketing coordination capabilities. these result to low ROI on the marketing effort

1. Offline Marketing:
-For front-line marketers, data is distributed in a different system where a unified action is difficult for marketing
-For market managers, the system task scheduling ability is weak, the base station resource layout is not visible, the utilization rate of resources such as ports is not clear, and the front-line execution status after the task is issued is unclear, which cannot provide a strong basis for strategic layout decisions;

2.Online Marketing:
1. For the platform of the 31 provincial companies in the country, the connection progress of the contacts in each province is different, and the marketing in different provinces is different; the system connection of the 31 provinces requires a lot of R&D and maintenance costs, and the provincial companies hope that an intensive platform can provide unified capabilities;
2. The provincial company's local system capability is insufficient, and it does not have the ability to digitally manage customers on the entire network, one-stop marketing planning, and all-contact marketing collaboration; resulting in a disconnect between marketing configuration, marketing planning and business delivery, long cycle and low matching degree, The effect is poor, the stock products lack operation iteration, the process is complex, not suitable for online acceptance, and the user experience is poor; lack of lightweight products and services, it is difficult to cover the full number of users;

3. Operation monitoring:
1. The whole process of marketing is invisible, the shortcomings of conversion are not clear, and the marketing effect is not transparent, which is not conducive to the improvement of marketing plans;