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C21.0.266 Status: Completed Info Completed: This project has completed this phase and is no longer active.
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Cloud Native IT & Networks
Frameworx , Network Automation , Open Digital Architecture

Nowadays, CSPs are transforming towards Autonomous Network and they are facing many challenges during the development, like how and effectively deploy AN capabilities for different O&M scenarios as well as how to handle those surplus staff after the AN deployment.

China Mobile Group is making reference to TMF’s Autonomous Network architecture and proceeding digital transformation in Group level. Currently, we are in the critical stage to transform from Level 2 to Level 3 and aims to achieve Level 4 by 2025.

Same as other global operators, it is also our challenges on how to improve customer experience and service quality throughout the following two major enhancements under different O&M scenarios during the transformation:

  1. Orchestrate & invoke network capabilities automatically
  2. Driving internal staff transformation towards new roles

The objective of our “Network O&M Transformation” in Catalyst Program for 2021 is building-up new operation models for service development and network operations.

Our Catalyst project has developed a Value-to-Development Driven Control Loop mechanism. It applied the control loop concept in AN by deploying awareness, analysis, decision and execution capabilities which realized issues of fully-automatic, zero-wait, zero-touch as well as established an agile R&D capabilities for autonomic in the following three ways:

  1. Develop new roles with new capabilities for internal staffs to transform, they are Network Policy Engineer, Application Orchestration Engineer and Data Analytics Engineer
  2. Build Full Stack DevOps Platform with agile development tools & platform supporting No-code, Low-code and Pro-code development
  3. Standardize R&D processes with control loop management

By practicing the Value-to-Development Driven Control Loop into the O&M scenarios of China Mobile Autonomous Network, the autonomic capabilities in O&M scenarios of cloud service provisioning, 5G fault management, complaint handling etc. are realized by agile development at our Full Stack DevOps Platform. Just name two of them are the Intelligent Service Provisioning for Zero-Wait and Intelligent Fault Handling in Zero-Touch for different services and networks. In addition, the development capability of internal employees are enhanced and their roles and responsibilities are transformed as well.

As a result, our Catalyst project has achieved significant result in business value, such as

  • Shortened provisioning lead time for leased-line by 50%
  • Guaranteed more than 3 million USD new revenues
  • Improved maintenance efficiency by 70%

In addition, 30+ internal staffs are successfully transformed to new roles with improvement on their R&D capabilities as well.

The long-term objective of us is to leverage the experience granted from this valuable Catalyst project to facilitate China Mobile Group to achieve L4 AN and sustainable for on-going efficiency improvement, cost reduction, quality improvement and new service benefits generation.

We believe that our experience in this project will also be worthwhile for other global operators so that they can make reference to and develop autonomy network successfully in future. Should you have any query, please feel free to contact us. Thank you.