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Amazon Web Services
Cognizant Technology Solutions
Colt Technology Services
ServiceNow, Inc.
Sterlite Technologies Limited
Subex Inc
Verizon Communications
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Autonomous Operations
5G , Digital Customer Experience , Edge Computing , Frameworx , IoT , Network Automation , Open APIs , Open Digital Architecture

Many businesses grapple with the problem of latency, which can be mitigated through the use of multi-access edge computing (MEC) – edge cloud-based deployments. Meanwhile, containerized network functions perform better in a stateless manner, and can be orchestrated more effectively using the power of open container orchestration platforms such as Kubernetes.

This Catalyst demonstrates how deploying solutions on edge clouds using containerized network functions can radically change the architecture of enterprise network services, enabling them to provide low-latency services faster.

Cognizant had previously created a CSP catalyst which demonstrated a digital marketplace involving cross-industry service compositions and the provisioning of appropriate 5G network slices. In this second phase, the aim is to develop that work further and to focus on the use of edge clouds and containerized network functions orchestration, effectively creating a “5G marketplace on steroids”.

The following use cases will be demonstrated:

a. An integrated platform for the composition of cross-industry digital services that leverages the true power of 5G edge clouds and the performance, scale, and flexibility of containerized network functions orchestration
b. How containerized network functions which are stateless and immutable achieve better performance and orchestration using a mature open source Kubernetes platform.

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