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Autonomous Operations
5G , AI/Machine Learning , Analytics , Digital Ecosystem Mgmt , Edge Computing , Frameworx , IT Transformation , IoT , Network Automation , Open APIs , Open Digital Architecture

Road Operators are driven by the societal need for safe, reliable, efficient, and environmentally sustainable mobility, with traffic growth and aging infrastructure ever-growing challenges. CSPs can be the enablers of this ‘digital road’ using V2X technologies but need to go beyond the connectivity and streamline operations to meet ecosystem needs – this is where intent-driven autonomous networks come in.

This Catalyst will demonstrate new innovative intent-driven management methodologies and techniques for autonomous operations in a complex multi-partner ecosystem. The project is aligned with TM Forum's Autonomous Networks project and evolving industry standards. 

The objective of this project is to explore various commercial and technical challenges that need to be overcome for the successful development and execution of complex intent-driven ecosystems. The catalyst use cases are from the smart mobility and transportation sectors, however, the results are equally applicable for other industry verticals – any vertical that needs to optimize certain KPIs and intuitively understand complex ecosystem needs can benefit from intent and autonomy.


CSPs are a key stakeholder in the smart mobility ecosystem that includes, road operators, municipalities, vehicle manufacturers the ultimate end-customer, the road-users themselves.

Modern multi-partner ecosystems incur frictional costs in terms of procurement, deployment, and ongoing sustainment of products and solutions. Individual components of a complex ICT infrastructure generally do not work well together out of the box, forcing ecosystem stakeholders into suboptimal procurement decisions.

This project addresses these challenges through a demonstration of intent-based management methodologies and autonomous networks to further develop Intent Management APIs.