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Agricultural Bank of China Suzhou Branch
AsiaInfo Technologies (China) Co. Ltd.
Bank Of Ningbo Co., Ltd
China Guangfa Bank
China Mobile Communications Corporation
China Telecommunications Corporation
Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd
Sichuan Xwbank Co., Ltd.
Sudo Technology Co.,LTD
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C21.0.203 Status: Completed Info Completed: This project has completed this phase and is no longer active.
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Beyond Connectivity
AI/Machine Learning , Analytics

Updates: We've uploaded Catalyst project introduction video, DEMO, standards contribution at 'Resouces' and 'References' tab etc.

Project Overview: 

This Catalyst proposes a model for securely sharing data among multiple parties in the financial industry based on encryption and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms. The privacy computing system is designed to prevent information leakage and data loss and provides new opportunities for big data by enabling partners to share the value of data without sharing raw data.
The solution will ensure big data elements are not disclosed, data is available and invisible, and will implement secure interoperation, anonymous query and multi-party joint encryption modeling. A standard cooperation model will allow comprehensive capabilities such as data modeling and mining to be built, which, combined with addressing privacy, security and data flow, will allow for financial services innovation.
Big data challenges will only grow with the development of the digital economy. Regulations will become tighter and more numerous. At the same time, industries need to resolve the conflict between data privacy protection and openness. Disparate standards and architecture complexity make big data difficult to integrate and manage securely.
Once the model has been developed, the goal is to mature it and create a standard industry architecture to support not only the financial sector but also other sectors that require data sharing, including transport, legal, government and e-commerce.