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Beyond Connectivity
5G , AI/Machine Learning , Analytics , Digital Customer Experience , Edge Computing , Industrial Manufacturing , IoT , Network Automation , Open APIs , Open Digital Architecture , Smart City

5G and IoT is driving the digital transformation of Enterprises. Critical business processes of these Enterprises are now reliant on 5G and IoT than ever before. The combination of technologies such as 5G, IoT, distributed clouds, big data, AI/ML and Digital twins are critical components that pave the path and capitalize on COVID disruptors to recreate the Digital Enterprise business.  

This intelligent MESH created by these technologies enable us to perform:

  1. Anywhere & Contactless operations: This model is “digital first, Contactless and remote first” and allows for business to operate in physically remote environments. For example, warehouse management operating with sensors, cameras, and decision making automation.
  2. Intelligent business model: This building block  model can rearrange itself based on a current situation. For example, optimizing the service providers networks based on special events occurring. To do this, we must enable better access to information, augment that information with better insight and create the ability to respond quickly to the implications of that insight.
  3. Elevate total Human experience: This combines the total user experience of customer, partner or employee. For example, service providers transform the entire customer experience to improve safety and satisfaction.
  4. Hyper Automation & Hyper personalization

Wireless technologies connected billions of people. The IoT layer will connect 100’s of billions of “things”. The number of IoT devices is projected to grow to 41 billion by 2027. To handle the massive amount of traffic generated by IoT devices, the 5G network offers the Massive MIMO (multiple input, multiple output) antennas that have multiple elements to send and receive more data simultaneously.  The benefit is that more IoT devices can simultaneously connect to the 5G network and maintain high capacity. 

In this new connected world of people and things – we will see increased volume and complexity of data from the new sources. The Service Provider will need to provide a robust, secure & QoS driven connectivity for IoT services. Considering the scale, ubiquity of IoT devices and the last-mile connectivity options, we see a unique opportunity to build a next generation platform "Connected Digital Twins for IoT" that brings both the “Network” and “device data '' in context to derive enhanced value from the Digital twin ecosystem and these conjoined, collaborative twins can be easily designed and seamlessly integrated.

**Follow us and find more details about our solution “Connected Digital Twins for IoT” in the resources section.