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C21.0.175 Status: Completed Info Completed: This project has completed this phase and is no longer active. View next phase
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Cloud Native IT & Networks
5G , IT Transformation

In the 5G era, network scale has increased dramatically and also business innovation requires real-time network operation based on network slicing, edge computing and some other technologies. Network management and maintenance are becoming more and more difficult due to higher complexity of the managed network. Therefore, a model and data-driven digital twin network is expected to address these challenges by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI).

In this project, we first introduce digital twin network technology into the network management and maintenance system to achieve 5G service provisioning. Taking service level agreement (SLA) assurance as an example, after constructing a digital twin network, all the network configurations, service rules, operation conditions and resource information will be completely delivered to the digital twin network. Before onboarding a new network service, network provisioning procedure and feasibility checks can first be performed inside the digital twin network, to ensure the provided network service SLA can be verified before going online. Also, if the monitored network SLA performance cannot be fulfilled, the digital twin network itself can generate modification suggestions based on the analysis of real time input data from the physical network with the help of AI technologies.

For the impact to the industry, based on our solutions, network service providers such as Telco operators, Network design based on digital twins will precisely meet the fast change of business requirement. And it will be much easier to simulate the network performance based on the historical data for network operation staff. This is a great help for the whole industry to expand the 5G industry market.