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C21.0.158 Status: Completed Info Completed: This project has completed this phase and is no longer active.
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Autonomous Operations
5G , AI/Machine Learning , Network Automation

We are delighted to have you at our booth. The Resources tab has very detailed introduction and whole story, many project submissions and presentation videos of our project. Welcome to visit and watch.

Champions: China Mobile, China Mobile Research Institute, China Mobile Henan, China Mobile Zhejiang, China Mobile Anhui, China Mobile Beijing.

Participants: Huawei, ZTE, Nokia, China Unitechs, AsiaInfo

The world is undergoing a profound transformation triggered by a diverse range of next-generation ICT technologies, such as 5G, big data, and AI. These technologies are deeply integrated with various social fields to empower a wide range of industries. China Mobile has the largest number of users, most diverse services, and largest network scale around the world.

The O&M digital and intelligent transformation is accelerating, and the new era of Autonomous Network has arrived.

The phase 1 catalyst project initially explored the field of Autonomous Network. The phase 2 focuses on achieving the Autonomous Network level 4 by 2025 and specifies the objectives and approaches.

First, develop innovative theories, including an implementation architecture and a level evaluation model, based on TM Forum Autonomous Network assets and China Mobile's requirements, and implement evaluation-oriented deployment and closed-loop iteration.

Second, launch pilot projects in over 10 key scenarios in key provincial subsidiaries to improve user experience, lower O&M costs, and reduce carbon emissions.

Last, submit innovative tools and practices to various industry organizations, such as TM Forum.

To overcome project complexity caused by a larger project scale, the project team is divided into a management team and an innovation practice team. The management team functions as a coordinator and drives the innovation practice team to implement innovation.

The management team develops scenario-specific Autonomous Network level-based evaluation methods based on the level framework of TM Forum and network conditions of China Mobile.

The innovation practice team implements Autonomous Network level-based evaluation methods on three service fields, including 5G service assurance, user experience improvement, and energy saving and carbon emission reduction, and carries out practices in over 10 pilot scenarios. Remarkable results have been achieved in 7 scenarios.

1. 5G Network Assurance:

2. User Experience Improvement:

3. Energy Saving and Carbon Emission Reduction:


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