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C21.0.07 Status: Completed Info Completed: This project has completed this phase and is no longer active.
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Cloud Native IT & Networks
5G , Blockchain , Edge Computing

Nowadays, traditional data sharing methods failed to address the new data sharing challenges. As we know, China Telecom and China Unicom are doing 5G Coconstrution and sharing project, and there are lots of data sharing requirements under this senario. Detuche Telecom also express their data sharing concerns, when they work with their Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVMO) and other opertors. When comes to multiple equally powered operators, there’s no 100% trust, each party has their own system and it’s unrealistic to build a centralized database. The relationship of operators are subtle, they are both competitors and collaborators, they want to enjoy the benefit of collaboration, but don’t want to be transparent to each other. So How to deal with “paradox”? How to build a trustworthy ,efficient, autonomous & automated data sharing platform is the problem we are going to solve.

Specifically, this catalyst is going to address below 3 questions: 

Trustworthy: How to ensure information from all operators are trustworthy?

Efficient: Even without a centralized database, two or more operators can optimize the co-site performance?

Autonomous and automated: Each still own their own system, but the working process could be automated to achieve high efficiency.

This Catalyst will demonstrate the value of a blockchain-based data sharing solution for enhancing operations, maintenance and customer experience. Four use cases will be put forward:
• Data Attestation
• Co-governance Automation
• Streamline Confirmation process
• User behaviour data sharing
Data are stored on the blockchain and are therefore secure and reliable and can be accessed by all ecosystem partners. We also explored more technologies that are complementary to blockchain. For instance, we tested the idea of blockchain environment is deployed in Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC), which has the advantages of cost savings, quick deployment, convenient data on-chain and business scalability.