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C21.0.03 Status: Completed Info Completed: This project has completed this phase and is no longer active.
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Cloud Native IT & Networks
5G , AI/Machine Learning , IT Transformation , Open Digital Architecture

Welcome to the 5G cloud & AI Convergence BOSS project. This project aims to support the global 5G business, reshape the billing system, improve 5G billing capacity based on cloud native architecture. To provide users with fast, efficient and accurate 5G services, open digital capabilities to partners, strengthen win-win cooperation and rapid delivery of global products, and improve the product competitiveness of operators.

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The development of 5G will enable a diverse range of services, such as massive Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity, connected vehicles, andm smart cities, while also supporting high volumes of consumers and demand for cross-regional services.

5G services will significantly increase billing volumes and will require 20-30 times more computing, storage and network resources. In a global business context, regional-based billing systems have multiple limitations, including transaction processing, cross-region settlement, data storage and compute power.

The traditional single billing model cannot cost-effectively support the variety and volume of 5G services. Communications service providers (CSPs) will need to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to support multi-dimensional scenario billing, recommend best products for customers, and maximize the value of 5G networks. By adopting a distributed cloud architecture, CSPs can implement more flexible, open and modern billing systems that embrace the diversity of 5G business models while reducing IT costs.

This Catalyst aims to improve billing systems for 5G with a distributed cloud-based billing system that leverages AI and container technologies.

This will enable rapid deployment with flexible scheduling and on-demand, cross-regional scalability. It will handle high volumes of 5G bills and shorten delivery times on new products significantly. The system also facilitates CSP partnerships to create new revenue-generating services more easily. The objective is to reduce costs, improve service quality, attract new customers and minimize billing disputes.